DJ Ilan Henig

Hi, I'm Ilan

Illan Heinig, a British expat, is one of the leading DJs on the marital scene in Israel today.

With over seventeen years and over 2000 parties and event experience and has blown the roof of only the best clubs in Israel and abroad.

Illan has played at huge festivals & gigantic events like those organized by the Tel Aviv University and James Richardson and has meticulously planned and performed at many prestigious marriages and celebrations, including those of leading celebrities such as Shiri Maimon, Adi Himelbloi and Haim Zinovici!

In his role as music advisor, Ilan has also worked in radio broadcasting and television and is a composer of original dance tracks. Illan’s musical knowledge is profound, a master of his art ! He uses these talents in real time for special conceptual receptions and overflowing dancefloors, continually stressing creativity and originality without compromise.

Blessed with extraordinary personal and professional talents that allow for creative planning and excellence in execution, all will ensure that your special day will be an outstanding success and a musical experience that neither you nor your guests will never cease to talk about, and that’s a solemn promise!

Illan uses only the most advanced equipment available and is always accompanied by a professional soundman, highest level back up equipment and professional DJ post. Always punctual (well he is British as we said) and he will stay with you until you decide when to end, even if that’s the morning after.

Ilan is a member of the Israel DJ Union and carries full third party insurance as stipulated by function halls. You can read all about Ilan’s clients’ love for him throughout the internet, marriage sites and leading blogs and forums. Ilan invites to you to plan your special event with him, eye to eye, at enthralling, highly enjoyable and informative meetings prior to the celebration. The warm welcome, hospitality, personal touch and infinite experience will make your special day one to remember always.


MakeOver Band

"Makeover" are a special cover group, fresh and exciting, with many years of performing experience at business conventions, private celebrations (weddings, birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvas), social and public shows. The groups show consists of cover performances to Israeli and international songs throughout the years, specially and surprisingly rearranged in a tempo that only augments the party experience thousandfold ! We will give you an energised dance floor experience that you'll never forget!

Carmi Shimron

Carmi Shimron is truly blessed with one of the most wondrous voices in Israel today. Over the last decade, she was recognised as the lead singer in the prime time television programme "Dancing with Stars". Over the last years she has collaborated with the Symphony Orchestra and the Haifa Big Band In numerous music events and has joined and lead only the foremost cover groups in the industry. She has performed with many jazz groups and music groups at hundreds of events, recorded sound tracks for television and radio and even recorded her first solo album in 2013. Carmi Shimron is currently developing her musical repertoire and her new shows incorporate new material that reflect her true, unique vocal and personal talents.


This is an amazing fire show, incorporating dance styles from around the world and breathtaking fiery instruments. The only show in Israel with two rings of fire ! Fire dragons rolling in flames over dancers, swords of fire many other specialised juggling instruments! This pyrotechnic performances relates the tale of an ancient tribe and their fiery dances and rituals who meet fire people on their travels, and the exciting interaction between them leads to new experiences, pulling the performers and the audience into a unique experience of unbelievable pleasure!

Guy Wittenberg

Live Sax and Violin The only musician in Israel that incorporates violin and saxophone playing at events over the past fifteen years. Adds class and energy to the dance floor experience!

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